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I'm a savage.. classy, boujee, ratchet! 

-Meg Thee Stallion

Shop Krystal Shanell offers fun loving products for women and girls alike. The brand is expressive for those whose life tells a story. Our products are colorful and creative, with a tell it like it is personality. This brand does not hold back. If you want cute tees at a great cost this brand is for you.We are unique and sassy! Our brand is dedicated to those who let nothing stand in their way of greatness. For the bosses in the board room, the moms on the battlefield, the queens on the court this is for you. The goal we have is simple to create products guaranteed to make a statement and set us apart. We are fun and free but we are philanthropists. A portion of proceeds from every product sold goes to the development women of and children. Our cause supports maternal/fetal health, mental health, ending poverty, the minimizing of child maltreatment, and the abolishment of family violence.