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We provide an array of e-products and virtual support for clients to prepare them for the next level of abundance. Our E-Store offers support to entity owners and their team. These products help consumers with DIY support and are derived from our consulting services.


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Handle Your Business E-Book

This interactive PDF fillable workbooks helps readers learn how to start and build a small business from the ground up. It is a step by step guide to build a sustainable business. This is a PDF download. Click the button to get your guide. The cost is $29.

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Nonprofit Startup Course

Do you desire to have a nonprofit organization, but don't know where to start? This virtual course replay gives you access to our nonprofit course as a download. This course walks you through the step by step process to start a successful nonprofit with a solid foundation. It covers an array of topics from state incorporation, policy and procedures, compliance, 1023 IRS forms and so much more. The cost is $49.


Steps Of The Startup Nonprofit Workbook

Our nonprofit workbook is a PDF download and walks readers to starting a nonprofit from the idea phase. This is a step by step guide to assisting individuals to building a compliant and sustainable organization. The investment is $29.

Moments of Imperfection
30-Day Devotion

The 30 day devotion showcases a day by day process of executing purpose as an imperfect being. This is a faith based concept book with real life strategies, and raw uncut truth, written by Coach Krystal Shanell.

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