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You've Got What Takes

Updated: Feb 9

If iron sharpens iron, one of the blades are dull so there will be some scratching. If you are one who serves others you may be bruised in the process. People can be broken and glass cuts. The great thing that you must remember is that you have been sent to help and in your process to do so there may be some scarring. Yep, your ego may be bruised or tender, but your spirit will be strong and built Ford tough. So whether you are helping your children, your family, co-workers, or strangers, you are equipped. You have been created with grace, mercy, tenacity, and favor. You got this. Take an opportunity to reset, release, and remove anything that is stagnated. Any residue from last year, or things that may have crept in, and plaguing you, it is only temporary. You are amazing, you are more than a conqueror, and you were created for greatness. Now act accordingly...

. You have everything you need to succeed. Now go get it...

-Coach Krystal Shanell

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