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Peace is not the absence of conflict but the ability to cope with it. 

-Mahatma Gandhi 

We now offer mediation facilitation and carry a certificate with the State of Texas to conduct mediations legally. Schedule a call to learn more about the process and schedule a meditation today where you are master to the success of your solution.  Read below the commonly asked questions about mediation.

What Is Mediation? 

Mediation is a procedure sit down and  discuss their disputes seeking a solution that is mutually successful for both sides. The process is facilitated with the assistance of a trained impartial third party person(s) who assists them in reaching a settlement to their dispute.  The mediator is a support to all parties and is not biased to either side. The mediator has no power to render a resolution to the conflict.

Mediation places emphasis on the interests and needs of the parties involved. The process is utilized to:  

• Define complaints, problems and disputes
• Discover options and solutions
• Manage resolution process in a “win-win” manner
• Facilitate mutually agreeable settlements
• Formulate guidelines and policy
• Memorialize agreement with written documentation
• Help prevent future disagreements

Why Choose Mediation?

Mediation eliminates the need for court proceedings. It is a private process that if successful. can be kept out of public record. It is effective whether or not a solution is executed, because it provides detailed information that may be important to both sides. 

Mediation should be considered in all disputes. This process allows the parties to maintain control over solutions and not placing their situations in the hands of a judge of a jury. That way, the parties control the amount of information that becomes a part of the public record. Normally, court files are open to the public, including any allegations made by either party.

The Mediation Process

Anyone can request mediation. If a party is seeking closure or resolution they can ask to conduct a mediation. Mediations have joint sessions where are parties are present with or without legal representation. In the joint session the issues are addressed, and mediator facilitates and opportunity to resolve the interest of each party, and allow them to be heard. Another type is a caucus where a confidential meeting  is conducted where the each parties side is heard privately. It is possible in one mediation for both types of meetings to be conducted. 

One mediation can be a few minutes or even a full day. The process of a mediation's length is determined by the multiplicity of the situation, and the willingness of each party to explore a successful resolution. The average session can be a half day. 

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