Coach Krystal Shanell

Welcome to my site. I am here for one thing, and that is you! My desire is simple and that is to help you be the greatest ever! As a coach who has played the game, I want to help you win! All that you need to succeed is already inside of you, let's unlock that portal and release your greatness today! Are you ready?


Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximize success. Coaching provides clients with support through and in-depth journey to success and empowerment. An experience is created to assist clients set and implement goals with connected objectives. that instills purposeful abundance. A setting is created between client and coach that aims to improve performance and focus in designated areas and topics that improves quality of life.

It is a confidential conversation that helps clients unlock their internal potential and walk out purpose! 

What Is Coaching?

Who Is Coaching For:

Anyone desiring to challenge themselves

Anyone needing help achieving a goal

Anyone wanting to start or grow a small business

Anyone wanting a process to move beyond survival and into thriving

Anyone needing to start or fund a nonprofit organization

Business Consultation